July 6th, 2006


Orell Füssli is a dangerous place!

I went into town in my lunch hour today, to get an engagement present for our friends Eddie and Alice. Hurrah! We're going for drinks with them tonight to celebrate :-) I made the tactical error of going into the english Orell Füssli bookshop where I bought them a book, a pair of novelty washing up gloves, a card, a book for Alan and a serious Dictionary for me...

Langenscheidt Collins Grosswörterburch Englisch (neu!) with 350.000 words and phrases on 2.136 pages!! Plus it's got the thumbholes ("Daumenregister" auf deutsch) so you can find your page quickly. It's big and weighty, a proper reference book (or murder weapon, quick hit to the back of the head would finish any one of my team mates off!) and a bit of treat (cos it was quite expensive...)

I love dictionaries :-)