July 2nd, 2006


Sports shopping on a Saturday

I went a bit mad in Jelmoli's Sports Department on Saturday :-) I told katcolorado that I was going to have a look for some running shorts, but then I found they had a bit of a sale on....!

I bought:
2 pairs of Falke socks
2 white breathable Tshirts
sleevesless turquoise tshirt
groovy short sleeved top

And I've now chucked out all my skeggy sports and running kit that I've had for too long and either don't fit into anymore and/or haven't worn for ages.
blue wave

An active, inpiring weekend!

I have been inpsired this weekend - I will do a triathlon, next year! On Saturday afternoon I went into Zurich to support my work team of 3 who had entered the Firm triathlon (each member does one leg, ie 1500m swim, 40k cycle, 10k run). It was great, such a good atmosphere and it was good to be cheering people on!

Our team, "Direct Fun"

And then today I went down to Seebad Enge for a swim and passed the iron man triathlon (3.8km swim, 180k cycle & 40k run!!) It was so hot, and they were still running at 5.30pm. I swan in the lake for an hour, in preparation for the Seeüberquerung (1500m Lake swim) which should take place next Weds. And then I sunbathed and read, it was glorious weather.

So now I'm seriously thinking of training for next year. The swimming and running is do-able (a short triathlon is 800m swim, 20k cycle and 7.5k run) but my cycling would need work and I'd need to buy a bike!! There's a Triathlon Club in Zurich and in Britain in 2007 there's a women's only triathlon in Eton (nr.London) in June and the London Triathlon in August. What do you think? I need big goals to aim for!! 2007 here I come...