June 5th, 2006


Week 8 | June 5th

Since I start work tomorrow, I'm going to take it easy this week, but will try to exercise 3 times before going to Amsterdam at the weekend.

2 x Run
1 x Other

Sat: Amsterdam
Sun: Amsterdam

Ready for work?

I *think* I'm ready for work tomorrow. The terror has turned into a sort of "calm before the storm" acceptance. I've literally and figuratively cleared the decks at home. I did lots of clearing up today, lots of tasks which have been hanging around. And now I do genuinely feel ready for work. I've packed my bag and put out my clothes for the morning, so now I just have to go to bed and get some sleep :-) Thanks to everyone for your good wishes and excellent advice. I shall breathe deeply tomorrow and just take the day as it comes! I'll try and give my first work update tomorrow....

Running my personal best | 35.24

Wahey! 37 minutes down to 35.24!! I was pushing a bit this evening though. I've been stuck in doors all day and at 7pm I just thought "must go for run". It was really grey and muggy and I was convinced it was going to rain - but it didn't. It was just what I needed - I didn't panic about work once....

To do Tuesday / Weds

- Go to Bank to get visa copied
- Go to Post Office
- Run
- Go for celebratory drink with Alan
- Write and send invites

- Sort out money
- Ring INTRAS re accident insurance 08 4444 7777
- Send Party reminder email next week with directions and curry

- Book end July Flights
- Book Dublin Flights
- Book Graduation Flights
- Add DVDs and books to Title Trader
- Get dissertation hard bound

The "NCOT" Work Incentive Reward System

I think I need some treats / rewards for getting through the early day of being back at work :-) I'll add to the list as I get more inspiration!

Six Months to one year
Get Livejournal bound
Moo / Flickr business cards
Bag - Red direct
Watch - Red direct
Phillips wireless sound system

Big Bob iPod
Mobile phone
Hair straightener

Pocket PC
Combined colour printer / scanner / copier etc

Magazine subscriptions

First Day(s)
go for drink with Alan
Read Jane Green book
Helfgott concert

First Week
New Work Bag
Amsterdam trip

Second & Third Weeks
buy flowers for desk
Celebration Drinks on 17th June
Duden book per work
Apero at work on the 23rd
new dress

First Salary
Take mr.ncot out for meal
xbox for mr.ncot's Birthday

First 3 Months
Freitag bag