June 4th, 2006


Productive Day!

My goodness, I had a productive day.... started later than I wanted and I didn't go for a run, but I did do the following:

- Do the recycling and rubbish run
- Get the photocopying done for my work contract
- Go to the Post Office (twice!)
- Go into town, got birthday present for my best mate (eventually)
- Booked Parterre for my party in 2 weeks time :-)
- Tidied the living room and sorted out the CD and DVD shelves
- Sorted out my underwear drawer (chucked out loads of skeggy knickers, very satisfying !!)
- Sorted out my work clothes
- Sorted out my jewellry and accessories (sounds very grand, but so isn't)
- Did 2 loads of washing
- Unpacked in the online food shop and cleaned the fridge
- spent hours on my laptop (now working again) see next post :-)


My laptop has been given a temporary lease of life!

I can't believe that it's nearly 3am and I'm still up faffing with my laptop - mr.ncot has fallen asleep on the sofa! I also can't believe that I've been faffing around with aforementioned laptop for about 12 hours :-(

After spending several hours on Friday afternoon on the Bluewin support line and not figuring out why my laptop and network card couldn't connect to our wireless router (*"It's just there!" shouts Helen to laptop*) I decided that I would reformat the laptop for a second time and start again from scratch. In the end, the wonderful mr.ncot did it for me when I went shopping this afternoon and when I got back hours later, he informed me smugly that I now had internet access. At which I lay prostrate on the kitchen floor and kissed his feet - no really - so pleased I was to be back online!!

Piece of cake I thought.... just got install the windows service packs and then install Norton and then reload the data and then reload some programs from the internet.... *voice trails off* .... well, as I say it's taken me nearly 12 hours, but I am now back online. Watch out for some more journal entries and photos tomorrow. I *think* my laptop is running faster and is a bit happier... I certainly hope so. I just want to squeeze another 6 months or so of life out of it, so I can save up for a new one! Good night :-)

Katethebass's Masters Recital

Katethebass's recital, originally uploaded by nice_cup_of_tea.

The photos aren't great, but here's the evidence of Kate's bass recital. As part of her Masters in Music, Kate had to give a 50 minute recital on the double bass. She performed a Double Bass and String quartet degree (Faure), a Sonata (David Ellis), a Double Bass duo (Tony Osbourne) and a Sonata by Misek.

The music was fiendlishly difficult and it was amazing to watch her left hand technique as she moved up and down the finger board. Playing the double bass is extremely physical. She got an amazing tone and notes out of the bass and looked very focussed and composed and in the zone!! She seemed tired but exhilarated by the end. And we all breathed out :-) I think her family and friends were more nervous than she was.

Afterwards, we sat in the bar area at the Royal Northern College of Music and her number one fan (that's me) got some bottles of champagne for Kate and her supporters ..... And Mum had bought some amazing chocolate cake :-)

I am so proud of her - for the work that she put in this year (6 hours practice a day!), for her commitment in getting to college in the first place and for her focus. It's wonderful to see someone when they are in the right place for them, doing the right thing with their life. It was a risk for her, she gave up her job as a primary school teacher, not knowing whether she'd be good enough for the course. And she's just done brilliantly!!!

Katethebass website (in case you're interested!)


My globe trotting relations !

I have two uncles (my Mum's younger brothers). Gerry (the youngest) is also my Godfather and we have a close relationship. I wrote about them briefly in my entry on Michael's Bookcrossing challenge

Since getting them on skype, we talk regularly and they're really supported me in finishing my masters and finding a job - and generally they are very wonderful people. So I was delighted to find
this great article about them on the Ottawa Citizen website

Their "ThymeOff" Travelpod is here