June 2nd, 2006


Running | 37.00

I ran alone today, doing my normal lake run. When I started this route, it took me about 40 minutes, in March I managed it in 39 minutes and today I ran it without stopping in 37 minutes, plus I really tried to pick up the pace in the second half. I think I will use this route as my fast but short run, trying to build up my speed!

The weather wasn't particularly nice (cold and grey) but I really like the fact that I've seen the seasons change since I've been running this route. You definitely notice more when you're out and about and running.

The contract has arrived....

It's official, my contract from cs has arrived, which I guess makes it official now! I have a "Welcome day" on 3rd July and a huge list of forms to fill in and bring on my first day, I can't actually decide whether I'm scared or terrified! I took some photos of the impressive size of the contract, but still can't upload them as my laptop is still playing silly b*ggers.

I'm trying to enjoy my last few days of freedom, but every now and again I get really scared, which I guess is normal, right? In a way, I think I will feel a lot better once I've got the first few days out of the way. I talked to my boss yesterday because the contract hadn't arrived (it was buried on his desk, apparently!) and he said they've got lots of work on and I'll be really busy and not bored, plus, he'll give me my list of projects on my first day. Which i guess is reasonable, but just sent me into a panic.

Calming vibes and any wise words of wisdom gratefully received. I know I can do this and I know this is the job for me, but....