May 28th, 2006


Week 7 | May 28th

I wanted to exercise three times last week, but only managed twice, a long walk on Monday and a run on Sat. I won't be exercising in Manchester, but will try to exercise three times Thursday to Sunday.

Goal: Exercise 4 times after Manchester
2 runs (of which one with Katcolorado)
1 other activities (yoga, long walk, circuit DVD, rebounding DVD)

Thurs: 1hr 15 minutes run
Fri: 37 minutes run & 1 hour yoga

Running along the Elbe | 72 minutes

Yesterday KatColorado, Sunneschii and I ran for 1hr 12 minutes along the Elbe. It was wonderful! So peaceful, green, beautiful. We had a short walking break at the halfway point - we crossed a blue bridge, called "der blaue Wunder" - some engineering feat apparently - but basically ran the whole time. I was really pleased with myself. I felt very fit and felt that I could have run further and faster and longer. I've made real progress :-)

Just popping in...

... to say hello and i'm back for a few hours! Dresden was great *waves to Sunneschii and KatColorado* we had a great time together, lots of reading, relaxing, shopping and wandering around the city. I have had a bath, caught up with emails and ljs and stuff and just need to repack for Manchester. I've really missed Alan and he seemed pleased to see me as well....Plus he liked his LUSH goodies - a "hot java" bath bomb (just right for my java / xml nerd!) plus a massage bar (perfect for his post ju juitsu whinges "my back hurts...") I have to admit, I really missed him and I wish I wasn't leaving in 5 mins time to get to the airport :-( But I can't wait to catch up with little sis and the Palmer clan :-)

Mr.ncot reformated and reinstalled windows on my laptop, but it's now got a fatal network / router problem. It can't see the router, which means I can't get on the internet or see my networked H drive, or do anything basically. I haven't got time to sort it out now, so am struggling with Alan's computer and am hoping I can get my laptop sorted next week !!