May 22nd, 2006


Walk with mr.ncot and a new user pic

Mr.ncot has a few days off work, so today we walked up the Uetliberg together. Halfway up, we stopped for a rest on a bench. As we walked, we talked about my job, our plans, our financial future, his martial arts training. The weather was gorgeous, there was a smell of wild garlic everywhere and I felt that life couldn't get much better.

I'm enjoying the feeling of being at peace, feeling okay about the decisions I've made here, feeling glad that my study was successful, feeling happy that I have a job to go to and looking forward to my next year here. It's a good place to be in. And looking forward to Dresden and Manchester.

Things to look forward to

* Dresden
* Manchester
* David Helfgott concert June 7th
* Amsterdam weekend
* Drinks on June 17th
* Mags' visit in June
* Alan's Birthday
* Graduation trip to Leicester July 12th to 14th
* London visit at end of July
* Chris & Jenn's visit in September