May 19th, 2006


My film education !

Mr.ncot is always surprised/shocked by all the classic films I’ve never seen, so this Birthday he started my film education :-)
He gave me:
The Graduate
Gone with the Wind
The Wild One

I enjoyed the graduate and recognised lots of the scenes (mostly from adverts!) but found the Dustin Hoffman character a bit irritating !!

I finished watching Gone with the Wind yesterday and loved it. I didn’t believe A. when he said it was 4 hours long :-) I sort of thought I wouldn’t enjoy it, but thought it was great…, so gothic and epic.

Still got to watch The Wild One, will update later....So, what other classics should I watch to continue my education? Answers please :-)


A difficult decision

Dear Bookcrossing Buddies...
I've decided that I won't be coming to the UNcon this year. I'm really disappointed, but have come to the conclusion over the last couple of days. When I booked I was sure I'd be working by now. Even if a job does come through in the next little while, money is still too tight. And it's just not fair on mr.ncot either...... I could have gone, but would have felt guilty spending money we don't yet have.

I'm so sad not to be meeting all my friends, but feel this is the right decision, even if I don't want it to be. Have a wonderful time *sobs* and I'll be there next time for sure !


Even the EWZ has gone stripy :-)

I just got this leaflet in the post today from our electricity supplier. From October, private customers get to choose what source their electricity should come from ie water, wind, fossil energy. This is pretty cool, but even cooler is their funky stripy leaflet, displayed here for your pleasure :-)



I felt really good and strong tonight at yoga. My heels are *so* close to the ground when do the downward facing dog. My stretches were very stretchy, we didn't do much balancing (so didn't show myself up there) and I did a handstand (with support) and it felt great ! Plus the amazing yoga woman was there and she is completely inspiration and just does wonderful yoga, I kept sneaking sideways looks :-) It's good to be able to watch someone who does it perfectly!