May 15th, 2006


Nice surprises in the post !

I got a wonderful congratulstions postcard in the post today from my very good friends in Brussels. It's Yellow Angel by Niki de Saint-Phalle, one of my favourite Artists / Sculptors. I love the fact that her women / angels have slightly large and comical bottoms !

Also in the post was their birthday card and present to me, a new purse! And the design is just perfect :-)

To do Monday

- Go for run
- Graduation paperwork & LJ list entry
- Ring Frau Meier re washing machine
- Pay KDS bill
- Renew railcard for 1 year
- Unicycle lesson - 6.30

- Recycling
- Make plan for G&S case summaries
- Ring Pat
- Ring oneandone for Kate's password
- Ring Chris with email details
- replacement teaspoon
- Hard reboot and reinstall pocketpc
- Send pocketpc off for repair
- Reformat, repartition and reinstall laptop

Graduation To Do List

- Send Graduation form
- Send CLMS form
- Order gown online
- Confirm Belmont Hotel Room rates with Mandy
- Book Hotel
- Book hairdressing appointment
- Confirm meeting time for Thurs 13th with Val @ 3.30pm
- Confirm meeting time for Thurs 13th with Vanessa @ 2pm

- Book Flights
- Book car hire and / or trains depending on flights
- Fri 7th July - check email for ticket allocation.
- Fri 7th July - find out how to collect tickets that weren't posted to UK address
- 0116 223 1324 (graduate office, degree congregations)
- Sort out staying with C & J

Running at lunchtime | 38.19

Today I went out and ran on my own, doing my usual circle along the Sihl, up and down the hill, along the harbour, through the arboretum and back home along the canal. It was gloriously sunny and it seemed as though all the office workers were out and about having lunch. I ran 10 minutes then walked 1 minute and did this twice, then ran the rest of the way. And I *do* like running with katcolorado's IPOD, it makes it a lot more fun :-)