May 11th, 2006


Running in the warm sun | 50.00

katcolorado and I met today at 10.30 to do our normal run. It was really warm, you could feel the heat rising from the ground. We passed two groups of children and adults out enjoying the sun and the woods, and we did 10 minutes running to 1 minute walking, except for the middle section when we achieved 20 minutes running - I was very chuffed :-) We were just a bit slower overall than last time in the rain, even though we really picked up the pace in the last 10 minutes !

Drifting slowly back to earth from cloud 9 !

Thank you SO much to everyone who sent me congratulations yesterday - I felt extremely loved :-) When I got back from my German class yesterday evening, mr.ncot and I had some champagne to celebrate. So now all I have to do is plan my graduation trip to Leicester in July ! When I'm there my supervisor and I are going to discuss how to turn the work into an academic journal submission.

I've been re-reading the Dissertation report, which I think gets my research pretty well spot on. There were weakness with the literature review, but the methodology and data analysis were excellent. I need to remember this result when I'm feeling down ! I still need to work out why I struggled so much with the literature review and I'd like to have a sort of "debriefing" conversation with my supervisor about the whole process.

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Picnic Lunch

It was so warm and sunny here today, that it was sinful to stay indoors. So I made myself a big salad and took myself, food, books and journal across to the Botanical Gardens for a few hours. It was great!