May 7th, 2006

zurich at night

Pre Birthday drinks

So the pre birthday celebrations continued yesterday. We met our friends Al and Eddie at the Blue Monkey Bar last night and sat outside. It was great! We know quite a lot of their friends now and we were a mixed bunch of ex-pats (Americans, UK, Irish, South Africa...) and natives! The waiters were hilarious, real crowd pleasers and then someone (thanks Al) let them know it was my Birthday. I got a free drink concoction, burning alcohol mixed with other shots until it was green :-) And then a dessert of exotic fruit and the whole outside bar sang Happy Birthday to me. But it was really nice and a pleasant start to my Birthday, a few beers with lovely company !

Birthday so far...

I am having such a nice day, thanks to mr.ncot :-) perhaps being 33 isn't too bad!

We went to Imagine for brunch, one of my fav places in Zurich. Imagine is a restaurant in the main railway station, old fashioned, high ceilings and normally a live DJ in the corner playing chilled out tracks. Today it was jazz, so I was serenaded by a recording of Nina! The buffet is amazing, all the food you could want for brunch. Fruit, yoghurt, cereal, hot breakfast food, sushi, bread, crossiants, meat, cheese, cakes, puddings.... I only had a selection of those choices...

Then I bought the Observer on the way home (a real treat since it costs almost £4!) and lay on the sofa and read. My brother and sil rang, and I got an email from little sis. I also opened the presents that had arrived during the week - lots of CDs and DVDs, plus Paula Radcliffe's autobiography. Hurrah!

But the best pressie was from mr.ncot - a reebok rebounder (mini trampoline!) He'd set it up in the living room and I wasn't allowed in there until we got back from brunch. He bought me a toy bunny (my bouncy bunny trainer, apparently!) and sat that on the rebounder along with some sweeties. And then stuck the following notices on the living room door....

Later on we're off to the flicks to see Transamerica and there's a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge for this evening :-)