May 5th, 2006


Virtual bluebells

I just found this webcam of bluebells at Kew Garden, so can now get my virtual bluebell fix !

(I used to live in Chiswick and got a year's pass to Kew, and used to take the sunday papers and a picnic there every weekend! One of my favourite places in London, even if there is constant plane traffic overhead...)

Are you a sinner or a winner ?

I was just reading the guardian, when I came across this article about the "sinner or a winner man". This is a guy who stands at Oxford Circus with a megaphone evangelising, his famous catch phrase being "Are you a sinner or a winner?" Now normally, I'm all in favour of people spreading the word, but to put this into context, I worked for 3 years in an office at Oxford Circus and had to pass this guy at least three times a day, and the message (delivered in Scouse accent) just got to be a bit much.

Anyway, apparently Westminster Council have gone to court to get an ASBO order on him. And I think that's a bit unfair, freedom of speech and everything. I then started googling to find a photo for you non londoners, and then found this interview with him !

So, any Londoners out there, how do you feel about the sinner or a winner man ?


Zürich Monopoly Release Challenge (

katcolorado and I had an idea about a year ago to do a Monopoly Release Challenge and she bought the board! And I kept think I'd organise it after I finished my research. Now finally, a new bookcrosser in Zürich, Somy, has set up a fantastic website! The challenge runs from 1st May to end of July, and I'm going to try and release as many books as possible!!

Zürich Monopoly Release Challenge
Monopoly Release Book

May 9: The Horse Whisperer: Nicholas Evans

May 5: Nineteen Eighty-Four: George Orwell

May 4: Von Drei Millionen Drei: Leonhard Frank

May 3: Am Rande des Wahnsins: Helen Fielding

May 2: Falling Sideways: Tom Holt

May 1: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Douglas Adams

A question of exercise

mrsdanvers63 has an interesting post about exercise and confusing governmental regulations about how much we should doing :-)

I've been based at home for 2 years or so studying and have found that the weight has crept on (well an extra half to one stone) and even with exercise / sensible eating it's hard to lose the weight. I am sure it's done to being sedentary. When i worked in London I walked to tube, walked at lunch time and as a trainer was on my feet all day, pacing the training room :-) I also think that the mental / physcial nerves/ fidgeting also burnt up calories :-) I'm hoping that when I go back to work I'll be able to lose the last half stone or so...

For exercising at home, I definitely recommend Davina's power of 3 DVD. It takes about 1hr 10mins in total, warm up, 3 different sections of 20mins each adn then cool down, so if you're pushed for time you can just do 2 out of the 3 sections. It's a mixture of aerobics and weight exercises, and is hard work, but it's made a big difference to me, and my bingo wings have gone :-) Plus I can now do full press ups, three lots of eight, and even mr.ncot is impressed !

Weight and exercise filter

I'm planning to filter my entries about my weight loss and exercise so that only certain friends can see them. If you want to read these posts, then just reply here and I'll add you to the filter :-)

Yoga - 3 months already

I can't believe that I've been doing yoga for nearly 3 months, today was my 11th lesson and I still love it. Still can't balance, still forget to breathe sometimes but am definitely getting more flexible. I enjoy the meditation / relaxation at the end and I DO relax, but but find it very hard to still the voice in my head :-)