April 11th, 2006


Running along the Limmat | 71.00

katcolorado and I went running again today, along the Limmat from the Werdinsel to Platzspitz and back again - and according to the time and distance official (Kat!) we did 11k in 71 minutes :-)

Running for 7 minutes at a time felt quite hard and my legs were a bit tired, but it was good. We decided that we earnt extra calories we were talking so much, and then Kat reckoned she earnt even more calories since she was talking english. Next time auf deutsch!
zurich angel

Lent (41)

Take exercise each day
Running with KatColorado

Reflect on 5 positive things per day
1. Doing nothing today and doing it in style!
2. Reading on the sofa with ZERO feelings of guilt
3. Mr ncot making a yummy spaghetti carbonara
4. Having a long phone chat with Karen
5. Having my Mum congratulate me and say she was proud of me
6. Treating myself of the Userpics upgrade :-)