March 30th, 2006


The Literature Review Ghost has been laid to rest!

< dance > ncot does a victory war-dance whooping thing round her study < /dance >


I cannot begin to explain how relieved and good I feel. It's taken me ALL day to edit down and lose the final 700 excess words. But from 9444 words I now have a very presentable 5978 words! I genuinely didn't believe I could edit the literature review to meet this target, but I have. And in the process I've discovered that word limits are there for a very good reason. They force you to really focus on your argument and to cut out all the waffle. Very good training for me! Plus it's really sharpened my writing skills. I've dissected every sentence to find ways of losing words!

I've emailed the lit review and my notes to my supervisor and am now on a desperate push to do the last edits and cuts to the remained of the thesis. The previous draft was 35,000 words (I think i'm lucky my supervisor even read and commented on it!) and this next version should be 20,000 but I get a 10% leeway. I'm hoping they don't count too closely as I think it will be closer to 23,000 words!

I am beginning to believe (finally) that the light at the end of the tunnel truly is a light and not the headlights of an approaching train!

Updated checklist -->


Lent (29)

1. Focus on completing dissertation
An EXCELLENT day! Finished and emailed the dreaded literature review chapter to my supervisor

2. Watch less television
None, absolutely blicking none!

3. Spend less time online
about normal

4. Take exercise each day
fantastic run in the rain and the twilight with katcolorado

5. Reflect on 5 positive things per day
1. Dissertation landmark
2. Running for over an hour!
3. Having the evening to myself (mr ncot is still at work, even at 01.05}
4. Finished 3 loads of washing
5. Getting into the research zone!


Running in the twilight | 65.00

I met katcolorado to do an evening run from her house tonight and we were waved off by A&Y from their bedroom window - so cute!! So we walked and moaned and groaned, but then started our 5 minute run, 1 minute walk. And it was just perfect. We found the perfect speed, it rained (but not too much!) and we ran through the forest, through farm land and to places in Zurich I never knew existed. By the time we got back it was pretty dark and I'm so glad I was with Kat, otherwise I would have been completely lost! My legs felt okay and I felt pretty impressed by running for over an hour and also for managing the 5 minute runs. Here's to the good weather and more joint running!