March 29th, 2006


Literature Review Word Count....

.... is now 6699 words, down from the earlier 9444 mountain! Will do a couple of edits and read throughs and try to get it closer to 6000 before sending!

UPDATED PLAN. Since I have 20 pages of text and 700 excess words, I figure I just need to cut 35 words per pages, which is just a couple of sentences. Easy, huh? I'll see how it goes!

Lent (28)

1. Focus on completing dissertation
A very GOOD day! Finished Elias Section and now just have 700 words to lose on the Lit Review. I feel relieved and am just starting to believe that the end is in sight...

2. Watch less television

3. Spend less time online
About normal

4. Take exercise each day
Walked into town twice, lovely spring weather and I got home just before the rain started!

5. Reflect on 5 positive things per day
1. Success on the dissertation
2. Beers with our mate James
3. mr ncot says he's got a surprise for me on Fri or Sat!
4. Got lots of washing done
5. Hearing that our Dresden rail tickets have arrived :-)