March 24th, 2006


Lent (23)

Somehow managed to overwrite my Lent entry for Friday! Whoops :-(

Good things were backing up and checking my laptop, getting a new swiss keyboard and doing some more lit review reading. Oh, and Mr ncot cooking for me and having a long chat with gerry.


I am having a dreadful IT time at the moment. I have lots of vital files backed up on 4 Iomega 750MB Zip files and the zip drive has now died. I don't 'spose any of my friends here have access to a Iomega 750MB Zip drive? I don't want to buy a new one, since we've just bought a file server for all our backups at home..... Ho hum :-(


Yoga tonight was a REAL struggle. It's TOTM and I generally feel quite disgusting. But thought yoga might help. I think it will have done, but the session itself was quite difficult. Just couldn't really do the downward facing dog today, I was more like a reluctant puppy! Just didn't have the strength and felt a bit weepy / faint / exhausted. Never mind. I did do a good wheel though (although not yet quite like the photo! :-)