March 19th, 2006


Sleepy Eddie James

Yesterday (after being friends with Eddie for nearly a year!) we finally got to a Sleepy Eddie James concert, at the Vollmond Tavern (which is about 5 minutes away from us! I'm not sure quite how to describe the music, except that it's blues / funk / jazzy / & very, very cool! They played 3 sets, including 2 songs with Vivian Vance Kelly (who has the most amazing voice!), and a few songs with a very cool harmonic guy! Lots of beer was drunk, we got up and danced and generally had a very funky time. Thanks SEJ!
PS image copyright sej

tea break

New User Pics!

I only just realised today that LJ has given us more than our 15 user pics. HURRAH!
Thanks to thepolliwog I've picked up two new ones and I've just created a few more of my own! So here they all are :-) And I've changed my default picture because I'm feeling STRIPEY today!

tea break

Having a nice cup of tea

I've just made this image into one of my user pics and I just love it, it makes me want to smile everytime :-) I bought it on a postcard, then found the original on the Corbis website. It was taken in 1939 in a factory in Cambridge. It reminds me of my Grandma, although in 1939 she was working in a munitions factory and was probably 15 years younger than this woman. From her looks though, she looks just like my Gran - same glasses, same smile :-)

It makes me think of people making the most of the small positive things in life. Even given the war and tea rationing, this woman is laughing her head off at something and enjoying a nice cup of tea. Hurrah for that!!

"Tea Break" A bed-maker at Cambridge stops for a cup of tea, England, 1939.
Image: © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS
Date Photographed: June 1939
Location Information: Cambridge

Lent (17&18)

1. Focus on completing dissertation
I did a good couple of hours work today and have nearly completed the factors section - hurrah! The end of lit. review really is in sight :-)
Plus I've rewritten my cover letters in both German and English. Hurrah!

2. Watch less television
Not very much this weekend, I'm really impressed with myself :-)

3. Spend less time online
Same as normal, but it's the weekend.

4. Take exercise each day
Nothing this weekend

5. Reflect on 5 positive things per day
1. Alan cooking curry for me this evening & clearing the kitchen afterwards!
2. Reclaiming Sunday and feeling good about getting some work done
3. Going to Sleepy Eddie James' concert and having fun with friends
4. Creating some more LJ pics and displaying them on LJ and flickr
5. Editing LJ tags to match my pics, and vice versa.
6. Going to bed at 10pm!