March 11th, 2006


Laptop Disaster

My laptop has been moaning and groaning for some time now (well, for a good 6months if not a year). It's running out of brain space and memory and currently sounds very asthmatic. But today the laptop keyboard just plain decided to stop working. DISASTER!! I've backed up all my vital data (ie thesis!) and I've nicked Mr NCOT's keyboard to plug in, so at least I can still use the laptop :-) So it is 5 years old, but I was hoping to get a bit more life out of it yet. It can't die, it really can't, at least not until I've completed the d word and until I've started earning some money to replace it!

Running | 39.00

Left it quite late to go out running today, but it was still light, even at 5.30! Did my usual route and my legs felt a bit tired, particularly after yesterday's yoga session :-) Towards the second half of the run I got my second wind. Pretty grey, miserable weather and all the snow has cleared, except for a little bit left in the Belvoir and Rietberg parks. Sprinted the last minute home and then realised I'd managed a much better time on this route, 39 minutes exactly, which explains why the run felt a lot harder.