March 2nd, 2006


How to juggle!

How to Juggle in 3 easy steps!
Diagrams used with permission of Stevemd

Step 1: "Throw - Catch"

• Keep hands at waist level.
• The 2 crosses represent the top corners of a square, your hands are the bottom corners
• Toss the ball from one hand to the other, aiming for the opposite corner of the square
• Do this in both directions!

Step 2: "Throw, throw, catch, catch"

• Throw ball one as before.
• As ball one reaches its peak, throw ball two to the other hand, aiming for the other corner
• Listen for the rhythm and say "Throw, throw - catch, catch"
• This is a vital step, so don't move on until you've got it"

Step 3: "Throw, throw, throw, catch"

• You're very close to juggling now.
• The aim here is to throw and catch all 3 balls!
• Same as for step 2, except as ball 2 reaches it's peak, throw ball 3 across to the other hand.
• Catch ball 2, then catch ball 3.
• After this, the trick is to keep going and not stop
• Hurray! You're now juggling :-)

Hints & Tips
• Begin each session with a warm-up. Do step 1 at least 10 times!
• Top Technique Tips:
- Watch the top of the square.
- Keep your hands at about waist level.
- Wait for the ball to come to you.
• Concentrate on consistent throwing, don't worry about the catching!
• If you move forward as you juggle, try standing in front of a wall.
• Juggle over a bed / sofa / table to reduce the distance you need to stoop to pick up the balls!
• If you get stuck, go back a step.
• Practice little and often. If it's not fun, stop and try again later!

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Breaking in the Fondue Set !

My friend Liz (from London) stayed from Saturday to Monday (we had a lovely time together) and on her last night here we decided to do fondue! Last time I fondue-d, I borrowed the necessary equipment from katcolorado. This time, I decided to invest in my own set. I bought a lovely heavy red fondue pan, frame with gel burner & 6 forks! The basket and red plates will have to wait! The fondue was very yummy and the fondue set has now been officiallly christened :-)


Schnee & Schweizerdeutsch!

Es schneit schon wieder! Ich bin noch nicht daran gewöhnt, im Winter Schnee zu haben! dass man Schnee im Winter hat.

Deshalb bin ich ja dann immer froh, wenn es schneit. Ausserdem kann ich jetzt schon wieder den Uetliberg auf und ab laufen!auf und ab dem Uetliberg laufen! Mein Bruder hat mir neue "snow chains" fuer meine Trainers aus den USA geschickt, und ich will die ausprobieren!

katcolorado hat mir neulich einen guten Plan vorgeschlagen. Ich sollte eigentlich Schweizerdeutsch zumindest mindestens besser verstehen können. Jeder Tag führt SF1 eine Sendung namens "Schweiz Aktuell" vor, und zwar jeden Abend am um 7. Aber heute entdeckte ich, dass ich die auch im Internet anschauen kann! Ich habe die Sendung von gestern gerade gesehen. Zugegeben, ich verstehe nicht alles, aber ich glaube mein Verständnis wird sich langsam verbessern. Ich habe mich entschlossen, regelmässig zuzuschauen, ohne mich mir Sorgen zu machen, wenn ich nicht jedes Wort richtig verstehe.

Uebrigens, ich habe eine Frage. Wie sollte ich "Schweizerdeutsch" rightig buchstaberieren?
Wikipedia benutzt vier Variaanten:
Schwyzerdütsch, Schwiizerdütsch, Schwyzertütsch, oder Schwizertitsch ??
Nach KatColorado, sollte es Schwizertütsch sein!
Vielen Dank Elhamisabel & irascignavojo für die Verbesserungen!


Happy Bookcrossing Birthday to me!

well, I'm one years old today and I've had a fabulous first year with bookcrossing! My reading habits and style have changed considerably. The site has taught me html skills. I've registered and released many of my books and have built a journal of all the books I've read since March 2005. And it goes without saying that I've met many fabulous people, both in real life and virtually, even though you all feel equally real to me! And bookcrossing has helped me settle down and feel really at home in Zurich! Without bc there could have been no katcolorado (or sunneschii, sun-beetle or Dolphus!) And that would have been a massive loss :-(

So, bc birthday wishes also to my bc twin TutleyMutley, who sent me this wonderful birthday card!


Lent (2)

1. Focus on completing dissertation
Got email back saying yes to a few more weeks, but somehow I still got nothing done today - aargh!

2. Watch less television
Did well, just watched a bit of Eastenders whilst having supper and then stayed away for the rest of the evening! Spent time searching for and applying for jobs instead :-)

3. Spent less time online
I was better today. The shortened friend's list is definitely helping! Time on the internet was mostly job related!

4. Take exercise each day
It was a struggle, but katcolorado and I did the Davina DVD. Hurrah :-)

5. Reflect on 5 positive things per day
1. Starting my BC Birthday Bookring by passing the book and a teabag to katcolorado :-)
2. Buying running kit from Tchibo
3. I achieved my job search and got an encouraging email from a contact, plus sorted out some more references
4. A happy, positive phone call with my Mum
5. Got lots of lovely replies to my posts about it being my BC Birthday :-)
6. Sorted out our finances and managed to boost our savings account!