February 4th, 2006


First daffodils of the season

I saw and bought my first daffodils today! Daffodils just make me feel so happy, so yellow, such a good reminder that spring is on the way. They seem to arrive in the shops earlier each year - but I don't care, they're an affordable luxury which never fail to lift my spirits...

I'm all skyped-up!

I finally bought the headset, made the test call and then lost my skype virginity to a friend in Brussels :-) It's great, I love it! Spoke to another friend yesterday in California and the line was so clear and even better, it's free :-) I'm nice_cup_of_tea on skype as well...

Running | 38.40

Very cold, grey and icy today. There was a thick frost on the ground all day, in places it looked like snow! My legs didn't warm up the whole time :-( When I got to the harbour, there were sheets of ice floating on the surface of grey water, and there was a ghostly clanking of halyards on the masts.

But it was a good run, tried to push myself to pick up the pace a little bit. Next week I'm going to run for 4 and a half minutes before walking for a minute. I'm aiming to work up to running for 10 minutes without a break. I think I'm always going to take a minute's walking break, because I'm just a bit worried about my poor knees. It's taken me so long to get back into running without injuiry / pain, that I think I'm going to take it easy and just "waddle on" (as the Penguin says!)