February 2nd, 2006


Seven Songs

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List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

Okay, so I'm cheating a bit, these are my all time favourite pieces of music, which mean something very specific to me! These are the ones I'd take with me to the fabled desert island to last me for all time!

Aha - Take on Me
I was a massive Aha fan, and this one just sums it up for me. Height of the 80s, catchy tune, hunky norwegian men :-)

Adam and the ants - Stand and Deliver
My first ever album (LP) was by Adam and the Ants. I can see the cover in my mind, but can't remember the title! Anyway, Stand and Deliver is the first song I can consciously remember seeing on TV as a video. It blew me away. Swashbuckling piratey indeed....

Bach - Largo ma non tanto from the Concerto for 2 violins, strings and continuo (bmv 1043)
Bach is one of my alltime musical heroes - don't start me off. This slow movement from the Double Violin Concerto was used in the film "Children of a Lesser God" which was a film which came out in the eighties. It affected me deeply (as it does when you're a teenager). William Hurt plays a teacher of deaf children, has a relationship with a deaf woman who works at the school and the move in together. This slow movement is playing on his record player and she asks him to "sign" her the music. Very poignant and sexy. Truly orgasmic music. Wonderful, gives me shivers every time.

U2 - Sweetest Thing
First song at our wedding reception. Enough said

Aerosmith - Walk this Way
A nod to my love of rock / metal music. Saw Aerosmith in concert at the Birmingham NEC. Bloody brilliant. Love the DMC additions to this song!

Journey of the Sorcerer - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Movie Soundtrack (HHGG theme tune!)
This is the theme tune to the HHGG and it just makes me smile and feel happy every time I hear it. The movie was wonderful too, a fantastic adaption

Bono - If you wear that velvet Dress
This is taken from Jools Holland and his rhythm & Blues orchestra, More Friends - which is a fantastic album. This song is slow and sexy and somehow sad, but in a good way!

(Orchestral) Pit of Despair

Must stop reading The Guardian online, but they have such interesting articles! But this one is close to my heart. It's about the struggles of professional musicians. Apparently, "the money's terrible, the stress is awful and the music is plain boring."

My wonderful "little" sister katethebass is studying the double bass at the Royal Northern Academy of Music and she's doing amazingly - just hope she can forge a successful musical career :-)

A little praise goes a long way!

The editor of the newsletter, sent me this email today about my "Gender Gap" article
Yes, I know I'm blowing my own trumpet, but it's my journal so I shall :-)

The article is very good for our little newsletter. I read it in the train. You have a wide vocabulary, its well structured and I like your findings. Especially I liked the one about the workplace that became more teamoriented and less hierarchic of your namesake. Are you a professional writer?

The nice_cup_of_tea Zurich Guide!

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Things you should do
Take a 2 hour guided round the old city (20 chf each, 3pm at Tourist office in the main station)

Go up the tower of the Grossmüster (costs 2 Chf) and take lots of photos :-)

Swim, sunbathe or have a sauna at the Seebad Enge

Mooch around the Schipfe, the Niederdorf and the old town generally

Travel on the Polybahn to get a wonderful view of the city from the Polyterrasse

Chill out in the Lindenhof and watch the old men playing giant chess and/or Boules

Take the public transport boat along the Limmat river and across the lake - get out at Zürichhorn and walk back along the lake to Bellevue, checking out the Chinese Garden along the way (Boats from the Landesmuseum stop twice an hour from 13.05 to 19.35, takes 24 or 34 minutes)

Indulge your caffeine addiction at the Johann Jacobs Coffee Museum (Friday 2 - 7 pm, Saturday 2 - 5pm, Sunday 10am - 5 pm)

Sail to Rapperswil with a steamer (2.5 hours, costs circa 22chf) Come back on the train (takes 40 minutes)

Get your art fix at the Kunsthaus or go to the Photography Museum in Winterthur (ca. 1/2 hour on train)

Visit the ridiculously ornate and gothic-looking Landesmuseum

Have a surreal experience at the Cabaret Voltaire, where the Dada movement sprang to life

Go to the Hauptbahnhof on Weds (11am - 8pm) and wander round the indoor farmer's market

Walk up the Uetliberg and then take the Planetenweg to Felsenegg then take the cable car down to Adliswil, before getting the Sihl train back to Zürich Hbf

And if you still have time, money and energy go to Lucerne for the day....(train takes about an hour, and a return ticket costs chf 44)

Places you should eat and drink
Eat Bratwurst and have a beer at the Von Sterne Sausage Grill at Bellevue

Meet Helen after work at the Uetlihof to have a drink in the Credit Suisse Bar! (Tram 13 from Paradeplatz to Uetlihof)

Have a mid morning coffee / hot chocolate and gipfel (croissant) at the very kitsch Cafe Felix

Get your coffee and chocolate overload at the very famous Cafe Sprüngli

Have a beer or two in the original and wonderful art deco style Café / Bar Odeon, the very cafe where Lenin plotted his revolution and where the Dadists talked nonsense

Enjoy the set lunch at the Schipfe 16, a training restaurant for the unemployed, with a beautiful view of the Limmat (2 courses 16-20chf each)

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