January 30th, 2006


Early Morning Run | 44.25

I was so pleased with myself this morning, I managed to run before breakfast! I was out running at 8.15 and ran the route I walked yesterday. It was SO cold, but as I got to the end of the canal out onto the lake, the sun was golden over rising over the lake. The sky and water merged into each other in a grey silver horizon and it was just wonderful! I ran 4 minutes and walked a minute, apart from the 9 minutes where I got a bit lost and just walked...

Chinese Supermarket!

This weekend a HUGE chinese supermarket opened, practically opposite us. It's great! It's got a huge selection of everything you need for chinese and indian cooking, which means we won't need to go hunting for herbs and spices or even fresh (but slightly exotic) veg any more! I bought some ready made dim sum for our supper tonight, plus a new bamboo steamer and wok! Hurrah - time to start checking out the recipes in the Wagamama recipe book we got for Christmas!