January 29th, 2006

blue wave

That Sunday feeling

Just wanted to do a quick update for the week and to wave to friends on here. Sorry there's been such an unusual silence from this end. Felt really grim until Thursday and the last 2 days I've not felt ill as such, but just a bit low or lacking in energy. I've just slobbed round the house! I might get the journaleer homework about heritage done today, but there again, I might not! I'm trying to crack on with amending the lit review. I'm rewriting a 750 section into a 500 word section and it is seriously annoying me! I've also got an 800 word article to write on "The Gender Gap" for the Professional Women's Group newsletter, due Feb 8th. I've downloaded a few articles from the web, but that's as far as it's gone. Ho hum.

So this week in short!
Diet: ignored
Exercise: nope
Moping around: yep

Winter Walk | 52.42

I decided to go for a walk earlier on. It's absolutely beautiful weather, really cold, but clear and with a low winter sun - I wish I'd taken my camera! I walked from my flat through the Tunnelstrasse, up into Belvoir Park and back down, then back along the harbour, through the arboretum into Buerkliplatz then back along the canal. The light on the lake was amazing, and sky and water were just a beautiful pale blueness!

And why is it that walking allows my poor brain to calm down and sort itself out? But the long and short of it is that I feel much better for having gone out. I'm going to use this route for running next week. It took me 53 minutes to talk, so it should be about 40-45 minutes with my running / walking style. I really need a flat route which is interesting enough to keep me happy! I get very bored just running on pavements :-)

A Round Tuit

Inspired by Beebarf's thread about her long list of things to do, and her need to find a supply of "round tuits", I think I can help :-)

This plate belonged to my Grandparents, who would always say, "yes, when we get round to it". As a small child, it took me ages to get the 'joke', but then thought it was hilarious (as you do when you're 8!)
When we were clearing Gran's house, I requested the plate. It is truly hideous (he he!) but it makes me smile and think about them every time I use it (usually underneath a plant!)

So Beebarf, your round tuit is out there somewhere, you just have to hunt for it!!