January 15th, 2006


I quite like snowboarding!

We went to Flumserberg today to snowboard and I am SO proud of myself!
  • I didn’t fall off the T-bar lift once!

  • Got onto T-bar lift quite easily

  • Feel a lot more secure and relaxed now being dragged up

  • My “dismounts” are getting a lot more graceful

  • I did 4 runs and the first one was the best. I did some very nifty turns and DIDN’T FALL OVER ONCE!!

  • I’m getting more comfortable with picking up speed and riding with it

  • I’m taking the turns more slowly, ie pointing straight down the slope for longer, but completing them better.
A few times today I began to feel that I understood what all the fuss was about! It began to feel fun and I enjoyed the speed. Hurrah! Will try and go by myself during the week next week and may get another lesson. Next stop is doing the long blue run alone and safely!!
The weather was beautiful. It was cloudy at the train station, then as the gondola climbed the mountain, we passed through a cloud layer into the sun! The mountain overlooks the Walensee (a lake) and from above all you could see was a sea of cloud :-)