January 9th, 2006


Running | 53.23

I ran earlier today, in the morning. Still cold, still icy, but it seems as though I was a bit quicker than yesterday! What I love about my run is that it's so quiet and still and you hardly meet anybody. Just as well, given the rosy hue of my face *lol* Down in the valley the church bells strike every quarter of an hour. There must be at least 5 or 6 churches which have clocks that strike... one starts and then gradually over the next 10 seconds all the rest join in. It's quiet a cacophany, but nice. And it means that you don't have to look at your watch. "oh, must be quarter past eleven!"
I won't run again this week until Friday and then Saturday.

Week 18 | 10st 12lb | Jan 9th

Aaargh! What happened?
Last week I was 10stone 5, and now suddenly I've put on half a stone in a week - that can't be possible, surely? Even more strangely, I jumped on the scales at the weekend and it said I was 10 stone. Very bizarre.

Never mind, back to the grindstone. I will track calories this week and keep exercising, and hopefully this week is a blip! On the plus side, I did exercise 5 times last week, so I must be gaining muscle or something :-)

Mon: 1100 + 351 = 1451 | 1372 | 79 in credit (1hr run/walk)
Tues: 1100 + 349 = 1449 | 1557 | 108 in debit (1hr DVD)
Weds: 1100 | 1469 | 369 in debit (Rest)
Weekly total: 398 in debit then stopped counting!

But exercise tally =
Tues: 1hr Davina DVD
Weds: rest
Thurs: 1hr Davina DVD
Fri: rest
Sat: 1hr Davina DVD
Sun: 1hr snowboard & 1hr Davina DVD

"Six things I hate about skiing" by Tim Dowling

I saw this article in the Guardian today and thought it was very funny!

Six things I hate about skiing by Tim Dowling

A Swiss resort's decision to post a 30kph speed limit on one of its runs heralds a new era in the codification of ski etiquette. The rule being enforced here - Don't Kill People - is fairly obvious, but ski etiquette has its finer points, and a basic primer, based on my own considerable experience, may be of help to initiates.

Read the rest of the article


New Bookring: "The Know-It-All" by AJ Jacobs

The Know-It-All: A.J.Jacobs

I loved this book, although it's hard to describe what it is and why it works! On one level, it's a book about one man's quest to read the entire Encyclopeadia Britannica, and in a sense it fits into other books by men trying to do 'pointless' tasks supported by long suffering wives / girlfirends (aka Dave Gorman, Daniel Wallace). But the more you read, the more you realise this is a very honest piece of writing which explores the authors relationships, particularly his relationship with his Dad.

If you want to join the bookring, please reply here or PM me!
Normal rules apply, please try and read within a month and it's INTERNATIONAL :-)


The nice_cup_of_tea "What's in your fridge?" meme....

Since we all seem to be restarting diets and trying to be good, I thought we should examine our fridges and our consciences! :-)

1. List the contents of your fridge (honestly now…)
lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper & courgettes, potatoes
eggs, christmas cake, dates and figs
ham, salami, pickled onions, camembert, brie
green olives, black olives, pesto
bread, low fat natural yoghurt, cottage cheese, margarine
fresh rosemary, parmesan cheese, peanut butter
small green peppers in jar, wine peppercorn mustard, redcurrant jelly, mayonnaise, tomato puree, tomato ketchup, sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, worcestershire sauce
insulin supplies
Water, orange juice, skimmed milk

2. Favourite food in fridge?
Christmas cake (home made by me, Delia’s irish whisky version!)

3. Item of food mostly likely to rot and fester (until you finally admit you’re not going to eat it and bin it!)
The jar of mustard (hate mustard, it was a gift)
plus I’m never going to use the insulin (it’s hubbie’s!)

4. Food you wish you had in fridge
clotted cream, strawberry jam & scones (bit early I know!)
Failing that, strong mature cheddar cheese