December 28th, 2005


Father Christmas bought me a tobaggan...

..which we've named Bob, get it? Bob sleigh :-) It's had it's first test, we took it to Engelberg and played on the slopes. We slept in an igloo overnight on Dec 26th (I'll write a longer entry tomorrow) and it was just perfect!

Me falling off sledge!

Hope everyone had a peaceful Christmas and Boxing day... The three Palmers are sitting in my living room, all reading, and it's wonderfully quiet :-)
alan and helen ice

I've been married five years today..

... in fact at quarter to three 5 years ago I was walking up the hill to church (in my silver DMs) to get married. For the first time in my life I was early for something, my Dad took his responsibility very seriously! "No daughter of mine is going to turn up late for her wedding"

We've had 5 fantastic years together, we've been through some tough patches, but we're still best friends, soul mates and I love Alan more each day! He's my total star :-) (sloppy bit over I promise)

Helen & Alan Then (28th Dec 2005)

The Silver DMs (Doc Marten boots)

On Honeymoon in New Zealand

As Students at Sheffield University 6 months (June 1996)

Us Now.... (Dec 25th 2005)