December 22nd, 2005


Christmas Stockings: Part 2

As I said yesterday, Christmas stockings were always the best part of the day for us! As a child I remember my Mum sewing our stockings. They were huge - red one side, white lace the other, a big loop and our intial written onto the red side. The division of stocking labour went like this... Mum bought all the presents and my Dad was then charged with wrapping and filling the stockings. Even when we knew that Father Christmas was Dad, we still couldn't figure out how he managed to fill the stockings so quickly. My Mum finally revealed her secret a few years ago. She hadn't just made 3 stockings, one for Helen, one for Christopher and one for Katharine. No, my Mum's a crafty one (and she always goes the extra mile) - can you guess? She made 6 stockings! Two for each of us, so that Dad could just 'swap' the stockings. And we never figured it out :-)

Anyway, I was going to post this photo and then changed my mind, thinking that it might look a bit dodgy! But then I thought, Heck, we're all friends here! So this shows me (about 13 with tomboy haircut) and parents opening stockings. I always remembered this photo as having all of us in it, but you've got to imagine a 10 year old brother and 8 year old sister at the other end of the bed. As bossy big sister, I usually managed to bag the best spot!

And it's not just me who loves stockings! Read this --> All I want for Christmas is a stocking, an article by Matt Seaton in today's Guardian!