December 20th, 2005


Week 15 | 10 stone 5lb | Dec 19th

Well, I haven’t quite got to my target of 9 stone 12 for Christmas, but I am now 10 stone 5 and I have lost 12 pounds in total, plus I can fit into two pairs of size 12 jeans and I feel so much better than when i started this challenge in September. I was 11 stone 3, now 10 stone 5 !!! Just 7 more pounds to go….

Tues: 1hr 15mins walk


Uetliberg in the Snow

Bridge (close up), originally uploaded by nice_cup_of_tea.

It snowed yesterday evening in Zurich (as well as Sunday evening) but the snow has pretty much melted in the town. The Uetliberg is still covered and snowy though, so I went for a walk today. It was so quiet and still, and the snow really did crunch under my feet! It was just perfect and so wintery. I'm a UK girl, we don't get snow, so this "snow every winter without fail" country still amazes me :-)
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