December 19th, 2005


Christmas preparations!

I had such a busy weekend, but I feel quite prepared for Christmas now and very excited!
* On Saturday I did 3 lots of shopping (mostly food and booze and cooking equipment!)
* We bought our Christmas tree (in the middle of a snow blizzard!)
* I planned all the menus for Christmas week and printed out the plan for the kitchen!
* Did an Coop internet shop to arrive on Fri 23rd
* Sorted out our finances
* Made Carrot & Orange Soup and freezed it
* Made Roasted Leek and Potato Soup and freezed it
* Made a new kilo jar of mince meat
* Cleared the living room
* Cleared Cellar
* Eventually found Christmas Decorations in Cellar!
* Decorated the Christmas Tree
* Did 2 more Advent Calendar Book Releases
* Went for a long walk up the snowy Uetliberg - it was lovely, pink sky, setting sun, church bells, lots o snow and just wonderful!
* Went to see "The Family Stone" at the cinema with hubbie
* I still have a few bits of shopping to do this week, plus I have to buy pressies for A. and pressies for our wedding anniversary on the 28th Dec!

Christmas Tree Before

Christmas Tree After

Alternative Christmas Tree

My Christmas Shelf of goodies!