December 15th, 2005


Doh! I am such an idiot!

I couldn't work out why I was getting any emails into my Outlook inbox (since about yesterday afternoon). I kept hearing the new mail bleep and seeing the little yellow envelope in my system tray (Hurrah! New mails) but then couldn't see them. Very confused. So I repaired my inbox. Backed it up. Searched the Microsoft Knowledge base. Wondered whether the Microsoft automatic downloads from yesterday had changed something. And then I started testing. I sent myself mails from my Gmail. Same thing, email would ping then just not appear. And then I saw it. The email appeared briefly in the inbox then immediately disappeared. And then I remembered - check my rules. I have loads set up to try and combat the flood of spam.... And in my haste yesterday I had set up the following rule (I kid you not!)

When I receive email
From anybody
Permanently delete it
And don't tell me

DOH! As I said, I'm such an idiot *g* And this has only taken me half an hour to figure out (slaps forehead in exasperation)

Week 14 | 10 stone 7lb | Dec 12th

Another half pound has crept on, but I didn’t track what I ate last week. I promise to track this week and to do some exercise in the hope of losing a few more pounds before Christmas!

Mon: Walk, 1hour
Weds: Walk & run, 55 minutes
Thurs: 60 minutes Davina DVD with katcolorado
Sun: 1hr 10 minute walk in the snow!


Das Weihnachtsfest!

Gestern Abend hat unsere KDS Klasse Weihachtsfest stattgefunden! Bis 20.30 haben wir an die Umformungen von Konjunktionalsaetze und Relativsaetze geleidet....(danke vielmal, Herr Lehrer!!)... danach haben wir feines Internationales Speisen und auch alkoholische Getraenke geteilt. Ich fand es wirklich super, eine wuenderschoene Atmosphaere, und genau den richtigen Beginn der Weihnachtszeit! Mehr Fotos hier!