December 8th, 2005




What a great afternoon! We (katcolorado, Antonia & Yannick) mixed, kneeded, rolled, floured, sugared, ate and cut out! Helen panicked about the Zimtsterne dough at one point, but everything turned out well in the end! Actually, let me rephrase that. Corinne and I did the work, the kids did a bit of cutting out but generally played, roared, argued, entertained us and got in the way *lol* It was great, but I was exhausted by the end of the afternoon :-)
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I was presented with half the results (a HUGE bowl of biscuits) and then went straight to my German class. I wasn't the sharpest student yesterday evening, but everyone in the KDS class ate the biscuits and admired my baking skills in the break! I am now the official Teacher's pet :-) Plus, inspired by me, we're now having a little international party next week since it’s our last class before Christmas!

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Dissertation: Thurs Dec 8th

1 hour today:
  • continued editing induction section of LR

  • need to work on Professional subsection tomorrow

  • Literature review was: 9444 words
    Literature review now: 8447 words
    Literature review goal: 6000 words
    Words cut today: 242
    Days left: 15

    Christmas Baking - Part 2


    After the success of the swiss christmas baking session yesterday, today I made some traditional British Mincepies. These are shortcut pastry filled with mincemeat (dried fruit in a rice sauce). They turned out pretty well, if a little bit overcooked! I then took them along to the Zurich bookcrossing meetup, since it’s our last session before Christmas.