December 5th, 2005


Samichlaus Schwimmen

swimming and still smiling

So, I swam the river in Zurich today. 111 metres in the cold (4 degrees) but as ever it was a lot of fun. I had a bit of a support group, A., plus my friend Karen and family (husband and 2 girls) and when I got out, I was fed chocolates and mulled wine. What more could a girl want? Let me just say that the water was very, very cold. Heart stopping cold. So cold, that your lungs close up and you forget how to breathe. But hey, it was fun and I did it. Hurrah for mad swimming swiss people (and the odd mad british stiff upper lip person – ie me!) More photos here


Week 13 | 10st 6.5lb | Dec 5th

Gained half a pound, but this isn't too surprising given the terrible week I've just had! Just glad it wasn't a bigger gain... so back to the plan this week!

Mon: 1100 | ? | ? Not sure exactly what I ate today, will do better tomorrow!

Dissertation: Mon 5th Dec

Good day today, managed 3.5 hours and did the following:
typed up tutorial notes
wrote list of tasks for finishing literature review
edited chapter 1 again (introduction)
edited chapter 2 again (org. introduction)
edited introduction of Literature Review
Plus, my study candle is a little bit more burnt down :-)

Literature review was: 9444 words
Literature review now: 9430 words
Literature review goal: 6000 words
Words cut today: 178
Days left: 18