November 22nd, 2005


HELP! I'm locked in :-(


***I'M FREE!!*** The nice lock man has been and gone. The problem wasn't the lock or the key, but the door! Apparently the door and frame move and shift (particularly in old buildings like ours) and then the slide locks at the top and the bottom of the door don't fit in the hole. So, he drilled bigger holes, sprayed things, drank a cup of coffee and told me all about locks and keys :-) I'm now a happy bunny who can leave my flat! Thanks again everyone :-)

***UPDATE*** I called the Landlord's agent, who called the 'Hausmeister'. I passed the key out of the front window so he could try and unlock the door from the outside. Which he couldn't! He's now called the key people, so I'm now sitting and waiting! Thanks for all your comments, it's nice to have virtual support!

Oh god, what is it with me and keys. A. always locks the front door as he leaves for work (the front doors here don’t lock shut behind you, you have to lock them manually) and I then unlock myself from the inside. The lock has been getting stiffer the last weeks, but Alan hasn’t been believing me.

Today, I just can’t unlock the door. The lock is completely jammed. I tried using pliers on the key to get more leverage, and all i’ve done is bent the key. A. isn’t answering his mobile, and he hasn’t got a direct line at work. Futhermore, the main number for his company isn’t answered between 12 and 13.30 and you can’t leave a message either.

AARRGH!!!!!!! I’‘ve just had a bit of a panic and a cry, (and called my parents, although I’m not sure what I thought they could possibly do from Britain! ) but now I’m thinking rationally, I guess I just have to sit and wait until I can get hold of Alan. The other problem is that he’s an hour away from here. I’m hoping the door can be opened easier from the other side. Some good, calming vibes please! Oh, and before anyone really panics, in the case of fire I can always jump out of a window, we’re on the ground floor.


Dissertation: Tues 22nd Nov


AARGH, not such a good day (see entry below about keys) which meant that I only achieved:

  • one 30 minute session

  • but I did do it before I turned my computer on

  • McLelland 2000 completed

  • and I have a tutorial on Fri Dec 2nd, so have enough time to do the reading and formulate the questions!
I will do better tomorrow...