November 15th, 2005


41-50 of my favourite things


41. Hot chestnuts – eaten whilst walking down Bahnhofstrasse in the cold surrounded by all the Christmas lights
42. The floodlight bridges and churches reflected in the Limmat
43. Thunderstorms, when you’re safely inside with a book
44. Browsing in a good bookshop, esp. when you have money to burn! All those 3 for 2 offers :-)
45. Walking through autumn woodland
46. Sitting in a spa overlooking the mountains after a long walk
47. Sitting on the sofa curled up with A, feeling safe and loved
48. Fitting into a pair of size 12 jeans and feeling d*mn good!
49. Having coffee in Parterre with KatColorado
50. Sitting by the Zuerichsee and watching the evening arrive

tea break

Googling your screenname...

So following the ChitChat thread about googling your screenname (and seeing this on merionwen's blog) I thought I'd do the same :-) The first ten google results for nice-cup-of-tea include:

The nice cup of tea and a sit down website

An amazon link to the book "A nice cup of tea and a sitdown"

3 versions of George Orwell's famous essay on making tea

1 blog which led me to Douglas Adam's essay on tea making

An interesting Guardian article on drinking a nice cup of tea

A time out page on Wikinews entitled "Nice cup of tea and a sit down"

and my bookshelf :-)