November 6th, 2005


Week 44: A New Point of View

Do you have a pet or a child? Maybe just an inquisitive critter that wanders around your yard? This week, write at least one entry from another person/animal or thing’s point of view. Pick your child, cat, or even the lamp in your dining room. Write about the day, envisioning how the thoughts would be different if coming from that person/object.

Ha ha, I taunt you! You ignore me most of the time, take me and my abilities for granted, yet you are helpless without me. I grant you access to all the important things in life.

I see you. You’re frantically running round the flat, in a panic, in a flap. Looking for me. And I am hiding.

You thought you had thrown me away, so you’ve searched through every bin. Twice. You’ve turned the flat upside down. You’ve gone for two walks to calm down, and when you returned, you mourned my absence even more.

Without me you are nothing. You have no flat, you have no post. You have no storage space in the attic or in the cellar. You can’t believe how easily I escaped from you! I am sick of your rudeness towards me. I hate the way you come into the flat and then dump me. You knot me round the handle of the bag, in a vain hope to keep hold of me. I hate it there. I hang, strangled into the dark interior of your bag, along with your purse and notebook and compact.

You used to love me once. You attached me to solid silver tiffany’s heart, but the heart walked as well, didn’t it? What are we trying to tell you? Appreciate us, love us, stroke us gently. Without me you are locked out. I AM YOUR KEYS! Make amends and I might crawl out from my hiding place. Ignore me still and you will be forced to grovel to your landlord and pay for replacements. The choice is yours… Ha ha ha ha!