October 26th, 2005


A beautiful autumn day on the Uetliberg

Today I decided to take a leisurely walk up and down the mountain, rather than my normal run. I was feeling a bit rattled when I left the flat, I’m not sure why. But it was a beautiful, sunny, autumn day and as soon as I got into the woods at the base of the mountain, I immediately felt more relaxed! I took my camera as I wanted to capture the trees in full autumnal “bloom”. The woods are mostly horse chestnut, beech and then some pines. The horse chestnut trees have long since dropped all their leaves, but the beeches are gorgeous at the moment.

The sun was filtering through the trees and it was just astonishingly beautiful. I just love it! I went to the viewing platform and it was so clear that I could see the alps on the horizon. You can see a few snow capped peaks, and mist below them. It’s just so peaceful up there, you look down on Zurich and the lake, across to the mountains in the background, and you just feel so far removed by the stresses and strains of every day life down on the ground! It so quiet in the woods, and all you can hear is burbling water. It's such a delight to have the space to just walk amongst the trees, climb up the winding paths, and just be with our thoughts. I find it almost a meditation, tramping my way you the mountain!

Had some lunch at the cafe, and basked in the sun, reading my book and writing up my journal. What luxury! Walked down the mountain in an excellent humour, surprising everyone and myself by my insanely cheerful “Gruezi”’s and smiles to fellow walkers / cyclists / joggers. Click here for more photos - for some reason they're in reverse order, so you're walking down the mountain (via the viewing tower)!