October 24th, 2005


Week 7 | 10st 9.5lb | Oct 24th

Yeeha! I am the Diet Comeback kid!

I was fearing that I would have put on this week, but was privately hoping that I’d stay the same. Instead, I’ve lost another 2 pounds. I am delighted :) I am going to get back on the wagon again this week, and fit in more than 2 runs (which is all I achieved last week!)

Mon: 1100 + 359 = 1459 | 1003 | 456 in credit :)
Tues: 1100 + 359 = 1459 | 1463 | 4 over :(
Weds: 1100 + 299 = 1399 | 1451 | 52 over :(
Weekly Total: 400 in credit :)

Decisions, decisions...

Today's decision: To sort out my clothes

I was (fairly) ruthless today and cleared out my wardrobes. I threw away a few articles that I'm never going to fit in again (I barely fitted into them in the first place), got rid of lots of skanky Tshirts which are past their best (and which I usually slob around in) and also some clothes which are just too big for me now! My problem is that I've not been able to afford to buy any clothes or shoes since being here and I'm boredw with my wardrobe. But I decided that by throwing out the stuff I really don't need, I'll have space to buy some more stuff (when I finally have the money!) Not a very exciting decision, but a necessary one. I think it's because of the change of season, it makes you want to sort out your clothes!