October 19th, 2005


Decisions, decisions...

Today's decision? To go out on Friday night :-)

Not a hard decision you might think? I got an email today from one of my expat friends. There are 3 of us (plus our lads - but of course it's the girls who always organise everything!) and we meet every month or two, for drinks or food. I guess all 3 couples are pretty much the same age - early to mid thirties - and none of us have kids. Plus we're all expats here - english, irish, south african, american. We're at the stage that we've all met up several times, and the relationships between us all are slowly developing.

The decision to meet on Friday isn't really a difficult one at all, because I know we'll have a great time, but the first time we all met up, it was a conscious decision. There's a yahoo group for expats in Zurich, and it's useful 10% of the time for handy hints, but the other 90% of the time it tends to be whinging expats complaining about everything! I digress. Anyway, one of the couples organised a Tram Pub Crawl on Tram Line 7. I remember that A and I really discussed whether we should go and meet other expats, but in the end it was a good decision! Everyone met up, and we jumped on and off trams in our search for drinks! It was a great evening and we met these two other couples. So, a good decision then, and hopefully another good night coming up on Friday!
helen and alan cropped

Surprise for A

It’s A’s last day in his job today, before having 10 days off before starting the next one. I’ve bought some flowers, some bubbly (chilling in the fridge) and I’ve booked a hotel in Scuol (Unter Engadin – the bit of Switzerland that’s nearly Austria!) for next weekend. We haven’t had a holiday this year, so i’m really looking forward to 2 days away to do some walking and relaxing. Plus we’ve got 2 passes for the Spa :-) We're staying at this hotel.

It’s very sad not earning your own money, because it’s hard to keep these surprises a secret. I’ve been saving coins since June and now have (just) enough for the weekend. How anally retentive am I? I’m sure the post office counter staff hate me, ever couple of months I come in with all my rolls of 50 1F / 2F / 50 rappen / 20 rappen / 10 rappen / 5 rappen and then exchange them :-) But it’s a nice feeling when after 6 months you have 5 crisp 100F notes in an envelope to surprise your hubbie – although the cash in the envelope does have a “brown paper bag / tory / cash for questions scandal” feel!


What are your weaknesses? (...as if we'd ever answer that question honestly!)

What do you answer to that interview question, you know the one..."What are your strengths and weaknesses?"

I had an interview today (in German I hasten to add) and I panicked when the Agent asked me this, even though I'd prepared it last night. For strengths I said I was focussed on the client and service, that I was hard working, prepared to see the job to the bitter end and that I cared about the details. I said my weakness was that I was sometimes too focussed on the detail and sometimes couldn't see the bigger picture. What I really wanted to say was that I was a perfectionist, but my vocabulary failed me :-) The Agent then used this weakness to argue that I wasn't really able for the job - grrr :-(

If I was being really honest, my weaknesses are:
- I worry too much
- I care too much about other people's opinion of me and often need good feedback
- I hate confrontration and suffer in silence rather than sort problems out
- I'm the world's worst faffer and prevaricate rather than start jobs

Obviously I can't really admit to these :-) So what's your answer? Any good cop-outs? Any advice? Any good german vocabulary?

Vote for me for best BC Username!

I've just logged into chitchat and noticed that there's a thread called "And the prize for Best BC username goes to......" and to my surprise the Bxer laprofe proposed me! I'm not sure why, cos I don't recognise him/her from my bookrings or BCUK or posts, but even so, it's always nice to be nominated for a made up prize :-)!! So go to chitchat and vote for me NOW! (ok I'm sad, I'm not going to win anything, but a little (forced!) popularity goes a long way to make me feel loved and happy! *lol*