October 5th, 2005


I've signed up with NaNoWriMo

I'm so excited! I’m signed up as nice-cup-of-tea of course, and have completed my user profile which is here. I had some thoughts on my plot and structure yesterday as I was walking up the Uetliberg and will be noting my ideas down here as I go… I’ve signed up to the Nanowrimo2005 group on LJ and started a thread in Chit Chat.

So, nothing to do (apart from work on plot) until November, and of course to finish my thesis so I can actually take part! I will be posting my notes and ideas here on LJ, but will make them friends only...

Mount TBR has been artifically reduced

In a desperate last ditch attempt to stop me faffing and to encourage me to focus on completing my thesis by the end of October, reading for pleasure has been banned! Exceptions – bookrings which come my way, the three books I’ve got on the go and my bookclub books. Result? Mount TBR is now only 8 books, *lol*

Out of sight and out of mind

So, what’s happened to the other 43 books I hear you cry? They’re hidden under my bed, on the theory that if I can’t see them, I won’t want to read them. Plus, it’s an incentive to finish my work then I can have some ‘treats’. Will this extreme measure work? Only time will tell, at least I’ve clear the dust bunny colony from under my bed :-)

Finding the Plot!

I’ve discovered that walking up and down the Uetliberg provides fertile imagining ground for nanowrimo. I’d been idly thinking for days “must think about a plot” and over the last 2 days since signing up I’ve been giving it more thought…..

So, I now have a structure, 3 main characters, and a very loose plot. I don’t know what genre I’m going to characterise my novel as, it’s not chick lit, but maybe “family” would cover it. I’m interested in people and their relationships.

I’m using the LJ nano_prompt entries to help me flesh out notes for my characters, and as I walk I’m killing off subsidary characters, and deciding what’s going to happen in my made up world. It’s quite exciting! I always thought that you needed a concrete idea and that it would just pop into your head (aka JK Rowling and Harry Potter on the train) but maybe it is possible to actively construct a plot and characters from a few vague beginnings… or maybe not, 30 days will tell!