October 1st, 2005


Einstufungstest for the Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom

Well, I sat the entrance test today for the KDS which is one step closer to actually doing the course… but I’m not holding my breath for the result. The test itself wouldn’t have been difficult if I could have done it lol Exercises included adding prepositions to a passage – um? durch? fuer? , creating clauses, rewriting sentences. At one point I’d scribbled out my answer about 3 times, and then couldn’t decided whether a noun was singular or plural. AARGH! My only hope is that the teacher sees my latent (and deeply hidden!) potential, and decides that I should start the course anyway.

I really want to do the Sprachdiplom (it’s two semesters with an exam next November). I think it will help me to improve my confidence in speaking and will definitely brush up my written German. I used to be fluent in German when I sat my degree finals, but that was over 10 years ago (eek!) and I think I’ve forgotten a lot of the grammar details :-( I want to be ‘stilsicher’ as they say over here in job adverts – ie able to use the language at all registers and style levels. Bitte druck’ dir die Daumen fuer mich…. (Cross your fingers for me)