September 23rd, 2005


My networking skills have improved!

Well, I feel quite settled now at the Professional Women’s Group and have made some friends there. This year I’ve been to sessions on Birth Order, Change and Learning, and mostly recently resilience. I’m booked in for the networking event in October, the La Prairie event and the Christmas Party. I’m also signed up to write articles for the Dec and Spring Newsletters. I will definitely sign up again next year, and hope to continue making contacts and friends!

Bookcrossing Bears

Bookcrossing Bears
If you went down to Zurich this summer, you were in for a big surprise!

If you were in Zurich this summer, you were in for a teddy surprise! Zurich was visited by over 600 teddies in the Teddy Summer 2005 project. We had single bears, bears with children, bears in national costume, cuddly bears, spiky bears, bears who spoke, bears behind glass, bears who moved location and bears who were just plain bizarre! Sadly, the bears have just left their summer homes, and Zurich looks paler without its ursine companions.

It’s well known that bears love books, so this was a perfect bookcrossing release challenge. 18 bookcrossers (including our bookcrossing guest Antof9 from the USA) released 178 books at 156 different teddies and we were rewarded with 34 catches and 15 new members. Many of the new members had heard about bookcrossing in the media and were delighted to find their first wild book! However, at least one findee was slightly suspicious about their gift. KatColorado’s trick of enclosing swiss chocolate with the book prompted one anonymous finder to wonder whether the chocolate and book were poisoned? Happily, they came back next day to pick up the book and lived to tell the tale, taking it to Budapest! Thanks to Zurich’s tourists, many of our books travelled far and wide, including Germany, Prague, Israel and even Singapore!

Congratulations to everyone who took part, but I feel that some honourable mentions should be made for "Services to Teddybear Bookcrossing”! Wildspitz released an amazing 23 books and chalked up the most catches (7) and new members (4). Dolphus released only books with Teddy bear in the title and we had some other great themed releases. For example, Maxmerlot left Ski-Teddy with a comic book about ski-ing. My favourite? Coffeestained left “Idiot Nation” by Michael Moore in the tender care of the Big Apple Teddy!

The highlights of the release challenge for me was leaving two books with the Bride Teddy and the Groom Teddy, (who lived outside a Bridalwear shop, where else?) in honour of my brother’s wedding on August 12th. And my favourite bear? It had to be Paddington goes Switzerland, a little taste of London in Zurich! To view all the Zurich bears who looked after our books, click here!


Joining the Journaleers!

I've just joined the Bookcrossing Journaleers who post about the journals they’ve been keeping and their writing. I don’t post every day on LJ, although I am getting into the habit of taking a bit of quiet time each day to write up my feelings and actions in my new moleskin journal!

So I have two homework assignments to do:
Week 38: Beyond the Grave: Write your own obituary
Week 39: Lost Dog Reward: What would you do with a $1000 reward?</div>

Week 37: Beyond the Grave

The Journaleer’s homework was to write your own obituary… I was quite pleased with what I wrote, since I just focussed on the positive and I didn’t criticise myself from beyond the grave! I also checked out my estimated date of death on! According to death clock, my time will come on July 19th, 2052 (making me 79), whereas Dr. David J. Demko’s quiz reckons I’ll reach 95! I think this is an excellent exercise, we’re all going to die someday, and it’s good to recognise our immortality and focus on what we want to achieve before that day!</i></font>

Our beloved friend, wife, sister – Helen Elizabeth Palmer – died peacefully in her sleep aged 86. Helen had a long, happy, productive life, full of love, fun and friendship. She reachd out to those around her, always ready to listen and help. She find it hard to say “No” and was always concerned to look around and befriend other people. We remember her as someone with a big smile and an active sense of humour, we know that when something made her laugh, she could laugh until the tears ran down her face!

At the start of her adult life, Helen would have said that her achievements were her work and her study. She was a gifted trainer, patient and creative in her teaching. She encouraged and assisted the learning and development of many people, helping them to achieve their full potential and to gain knowledge. She was a real renaissance woman, interested in so many things: German and English literature, linguistics, dialects, language, IT and technology and let’s not forget her love of music. Above all she was a compulsive reader, passionate about her love of reading and sharing books.

If you asked her after her mid-thirties about her achievements, she would have said her fmaily. Alan and Helen loved and raised their two children, who have become generous, warm, loving adults. Helen also loved her 6 grandchildren and revelled in their precociousness, boring everyone with her video clips on her embedded cardigan computer.

Helen is particularly loved and mourned by her husband Alan, who called her his ‘bright shiny star’ and by her two oldest friends, Mags and Sal. Together, Sal, Mags and Helen were three formidable ladies and were known in West London as the ‘purple-hatted gang’, revered for their loud conversations, wicked sense of humour and their ability to play tricks on all their neighbours! The local cafe, “The Nice Cup of Tea” will particularly miss Helen, their most loyal customer. Helen accounted for 80% of their english breakfast tea and flapjack consumption!

Finally we remember Helen as a traveller, eager to explore and find new places to belong.
July 2059.

Week 38: Lost Dog Reward

This week’s journaleer’s homework is as follows: You just found someone’s lost dog, and the reward is $1000. The dog owner INSISTS that you spend it on fun things/activities for yourself. What do you spend it on? Why?

If I was rewarded with Fr. 1500-, I would first of all treat my hubbie to a big night out, to thank him for being such a star and supporting both of us on his salary. We would go to the Jules Verne cocktail bar first, for some pre-dinner cocktails and a fantastic view over Zurich. We’d then go downstairs to the Brasserie Lipp for dinner. We'd eat and drink what we wanted for one evening, the bill no object :-)

Then I’d buy two second hand bikes so that we can whizz around Zurich together. Then with the Fr. 800- or so remaining I’d go to the Brocki furniture stores and try to find: some beanbags or big floor cushions, a coffee table, and a low long sideboard / table for our TV and DVD. Maybe even some bookshelves?

With any money remaining I’d restock my available books from the Buecher Brocky and surprise as many bookcrosser friends as possible with RABCKS!

PS. Oooh, and I’d upgrade my LiveJournal account, and also buy bookcrossing wings for the year!