September 13th, 2005

tea break

Slacking by royal command

Found this great article in the Guardian today, which promotes reading and tea-drinking as ways to help us slow down! Excerpts below

Slacking by royal command: Tom Hodgkinson

Read books Instead of anxiety- inducing newspapers, why not carry a book in your pocket to take out at odd moments? Referring to a battered copy of Aristotle's Ethics, or the Taoist classic the Lao Tzu, both of which promote reflection and inaction, can do wonders for the mental fight against unnecessary rushing around.

Take tea The tea break was invented in China its purpose to inject a pause for reflection in the day. The tradition was enthusiastically taken up by 1970s trade unions, who had similar motivations to the philosophers of old, but has since declined, sacrificed to the gods of non-stop toil. Now instead we drink vast cups of coffee, which speed us up rather than slow us down. The literary junkie Thomas de Quincey was of the opinion that "happiness comes in with the tea tray", I agree; we should have teapots and delicate little china cups in every office and factory.

Follow these simple steps and you'll be on your way to creating your own little slowed-down, royal-approved paradise on this earth.