September 6th, 2005


We did the Monday Night Skate!

I am so proud of us, we finally did the Monday Night Skate in Zurich (this last Monday, Sept 5th 2005). I was a bit nervous, but had a great evening!!

We skated from our flat in Stauffacher down to the start at Buerkliplatz and met Urs, aka Dolphus my bookcrossing friend! He’s a marshall on the skate, so looked very official in a very charming yellow fluourescent jacket, with baton and flashing lights!

The skate was about 2 hours in total, with a break halfway, and showed me bits of Zurich I never knew existed. At times, the pace was quite fast, and we had to negotiate tram lines, bus lanes and the traffic all stopped for us (thanks to the marshalls) – and it was great! The atmosphere was fantastic, and there seemed to be hundreds of other skaters, including parents with small children and prams! There were a few uphill and downhill sections, and I worked pretty hard and must have burnt a fair few calories! We even got to skate on a stretch of motorway by Hardbruecke, and we even skated down the exit ramp, which was a bit scary!

The only down side was my little tumble just by Zuerich Bahnhof. I was going at a nice speed, and then lost balance for some reason and then couldn’t correct. As I fell I thought “This is going to hurt!” – but luckily I was fine, just a bit shaken, not least because I could hear load braking noises as the skaters behind me tried to avoid me! After that, we took a shortcut home. Today I feel dead chuffed that we managed it, and am just nursing a stiff neck…

There’s a few more skates before the season finishes, so hopefully we’ll fit a few more in! I’m always so cautious and under confident about my ability to do things. This has proved to me that you can and should do things before you think you’re ready!