August 6th, 2005


Last bookcrossing update for a little while...

Wild Release Catches: 8 out of 56
Books I've found: 1
Mount TBR Status: 54 books
Books read since 03/2005: 125 books
Currently Reading: Bleak House: Charles Dickens

We all know books burn - yet we have the greater knowledge that books cannot be killed by fire. People die, but books never die. No man and no force can abolish memory... In this war, we know books are weapons. ( Franklin D. Roosevelt )

Latest News August 6 2005: C&J Wedding Release Challenge
* My darling brother is getting married on August 12th 2005, and I'm releasing 2 books on his behalf. More details here!
* Teddy Summer Release Challenge August 6th: 15 bookcrossers have released 155 books at 137 out of 621 Teddys (& 1 cow), and we've had 31 catches and 13 new members!
* I may not be updating news & awards for a little while, real life has got in the way! I will still be reading and passing on bookrings, never fear :-)

"Nice Cup of Tea" Award... August 6 2005 (for the bookcrossers who make my week special!)
Thanks to katcolorado for her support & friendship!