August 4th, 2005


Internet Silence from Zurich

I think I'm a bit addicted to all things internet, the bookcrossing, LiveJournal, 43things and Flickr and my priorities have become a bit askew... I need to get my head down, complete my thesis and hand in. I need to find a job so we can repair our precarious finances, and I need to get a real life! I'm logging off for a little while. I will still check email at the end of each day, but will not be updating LJ much (unless it's really important) and I've also gone no-mail on most of the Yahoo groups. If you need to contact me, either pm me through bookcrossing, or leave me a comment on this post! I'll pop back now and again, but won't be regularly here throught each day. Bye for now! Tschuess!