August 2nd, 2005


August 1st - National Day in Switzerland

Having a Swiss National Day on August 1 was introduced at the end of the 19th century but it only became a national holiday in 1994.

Legend has it that at the beginning of August 1291 men from three alpine cantons in central Switzerland swore allegiance to one another, setting the foundation for what was to become modern-day Switzerland in 1848.

The evidence for the Swiss National Day yesterday, was Swiss flag inspired candles / flags / paper plates and bottles of wine in the shops, and deafening fireworks and bangers throughout the day and night!

Have to meet a bookcrosser about a bear!

The things we do for bookcrossing!

I left the house at 8.30 this morning (in the heavy rain I might add) to leave Shakespeare My Butt! at the Johann Jakob Bear outside Bank Leu on Bahnhofstrasse. Well, old Johann (1689 - 1768, founder of Bank Leu) did look pretty Shakespearean! Ok, so it's a tenuous themed release, but at least give me marks for imagination!

And the reason for the exact drop off? To coordinate with the lovely Coffeestained’s journey into work. Less a wild release, more a co-ordinated and well-trained tame release! The mystery was somewhat tempered by the fact we bumped into each other by the bear, and we both looked like drowned rats! But, the book was left, photographed and then immediately handed over :-)

And more importantly, the author and generally nice guy del-monte gets a catch! (and on foreign shores, no less!)