July 26th, 2005


The fast arm of the law

People getting out of hand in Zurich's parks this summer will find themselves quickly apprehended by police on rollerblades. The nine women and 25 men of the new skating unit (replacing officers on horseback for the summer) will zip around the lake and the city centre maintaining order. They are “good, fast and competent”, said Esther Maurer, the chief of police. So, if you see a skater with a blue flashing light on his head, mind your manners.

He he, this made me laugh.... I'll look out for rollerblading swiss policemen! Taken from The Economist Cities Guide for Zurich

Swiss Slippers

A friend yesterday (yes, you know who you are) complained that I hadn’t written much in my journal over the weekend and said that they’d missed me…. (bless!)

I’ll update the weekend news in a minute, but to keep you going, here’s a pair of our new matching his and her Swiss slippers! They’re made of felt and they’re fab for skating over my wooden floors :-)


The Connors descend on Zurich!

My LJ absence over the weekend (last Friday to Monday) was entirely down to our guests – the Connor Family.

The players:
Irene (Alan’s sister)
Kevin (hubbie)
Emma (5)
Clare (3, Alan’s god-daughter)
and of course me & Alan!

They live in Dublin, and we manage to see them once or twice a year. Each summer, they take their camper van through Europe for a couple of months. Last year we met them in Annecy, France; this year they made it to Zurich! I’m still trying to restore order in our flat, and we’re both exhausted by the visit, but it was excellent. The flat now seems curiously quiet and empty, and I miss them :-(
More details to come in the next 3 or 4 journals…. (just so I can include more photos!)

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