July 15th, 2005


"Nice cup of tea" (sing to the tune of "Let It Be" by the Beatles!)

Thanks for this semioticghost, a fantastic ode to the restorative nature of a nice cup of tea!

When i find my self without a girlfriend
she has just walked out on me
Think I'll make myself a ... cuppa tea
and in my boss's office
he is speaking of redundancy
I won't hit the bottle.. I'll have tea

Cuppa tea, Cuppa tea
That's for me, milk and three
Assam anaesthetic.. cuppa tea

And when the police tell me that a
Thief has trashed my Ferrari
Though I'm numb I'll offer... them some tea
Through all my trials and tribulations
one thing I can guarantee
you will always fine me... drinking tea

Cuppa tea, cuppa tea
From Tetley, or PG
Please don't give me herbal
makes me pee

Forget about narcotics
Charley, speed, hashish or even "E"
Nothing makes me happy.. like my tea
I wake up, get the kettle boiling
Have some corn flakes, yessiree!
I can take the world on... after tea

Wounded knee, STD
Lost my key, dog's got flea
have a cup, remember...
Cest la vie!!!