June 23rd, 2005


View from my apartment

Our flat is part of a block which has a green communal area at the back. It's surrounded on 3 sides by apartment blocks, and by a path on the fourth side. On summer afternoons like today, the lawn is full of kids and Mums, toys and paddling pools. There are different visitors during the day. Mid-morning, the assitants from the Coop sit on the bench for their cigarette break. In the evening older kids play football & rollerblade along the path. Later on its the turn of the teenagers, who sit on the swings and just hang out. It's great, I love watching our green space and hearing the sound of children playing :-)

24 June Update
There's now a large group of office workers (presumably from Basel Insurance which is the building facing us) sitting on the lawn, eating their lunch and enjoying the sun!