June 20th, 2005


Week 5: w/c June 19th Weight Loss Challenge

I’ve put on a pound, I’m now back to 11.3 which is where I started :-( I just can’t understand it! I’m sticking to calories, and I exercise 6 times last week.
What is the point? I’m eating less, exercising more and it’s not working :-(

Goals for next week
  • Keep going with the diet and tracking

  • Eat my evening meal before 8pm and then go for a walk afterwards

  • No Alchohol (apart from the weekend!)

  • Exercise 6 or 7 times

My NSSSSS has arrived

The BCUKers are playing the “Not so secret” surprise game – in this case the “Not so secret Summer Solstice Surprise” in which you get a name of a bookcrosser, and you send them a book, chocolate and other nice things! My parcel arrived a few days ago, can’t wait to open it – tomorrow ie June 21st, the Solstice!